Community Meeting ( Aug 7 ): Designing a way-finding tool for people with cognitive difficulties

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Fri Aug 3 17:58:00 UTC 2018

At next week’s Community Meeting
<> ( August
7, 2018 ) Neeta Khanuja will be speaking about designing a way-finding tool
for people with congnitive difficulties.

*** PLEASE NOTE THE SPECIAL TIME! The community meeting will take place on
Tuesday instead of Wednesday ***

Meeting Notes


Exploring the concept of cognitive maps and identifying the potential of
landmarks as primary elements for way-finding tools. The first half of the
talk will consist of a hands-on exercise relating to cognitive maps and the
second half will be a presentation of the pre-thesis work that was done at
University at Buffalo as part of my Masters of Science in Architecture

Title of my research project is designing way-finding tool for people with
cognitive difficulties. It explores the hypothesis that creating custom
maps for an individual based on their preferences for landmarks can lead to
making a way-finding tool more user-friendly and can encourage
environmental learning for people with mild to moderate dementia or TBI.
Scope of the tool is limited to neighborhoods with a focus on pedestrian


2:30 - 4:00pm ET


Locally: IDRC Office <>
Remotely: fluid_standup
video conference

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