Improved multilingual support for UIO - translated message bundles of standard adjuster panels, standards for maintaining translations in the future,

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Thu Aug 2 13:58:10 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Gregor Moss and I are currently working to port over some work from various places (mostly the Social Justice Repair Kit storytelling work) to core Infusion, as they’ve been identified as generally useful.

This includes:

  *   bug fixes and documentation improvements about currently multilingual features (ex:
  *   improvements to behaviour when switching locale, such as rerendering UIO without having to reload the page (ex:
  *   translated message bundles of the standard adjuster panel messages in Farsi, French and Spanish (ex:

In conversation with Justin Obara about the third point, it became clear that if we’re going to have these translations in core, we should have standards around maintaining them in the future, as they represent contributions from fluent native or bilingual speakers in the community that we may not always have available for updates.

Input from the community on the following initial thinking about standards for translation maintenance would be appreciated:

  *   We should make a reasonable effort for any translated UIO message bundles we include in Infusion to maintain them going forward with translations being done by fluent speakers of the language in question.
  *   If we find ourselves unable to update a translated message bundle at that standard, we might do one of the following:
     *   Cease “official” support for the translation in core and remove it, either completely or to a separate repo (perhaps in
     *   Update the message bundle using machine translation, while maintaining a list of which bundles have been translated by a fluent human, and which have been translated by computer
  *   We’ll maintain documentation and consider other methods to make it easier for interested members of the community to contribute translations of UIO



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