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Mon Apr 9 19:18:19 UTC 2018

Hello everyone,

We have an open JIRA here for replacing the Comic Sans font in UIO with OpenDyslexic. Originally, we thought of Comic Sans as a friendlier alternative for those with language-based reading limitations such as dyslexia, but what we didn’t realise was that anyone could choose Comic Sans for any reason and I think the power of UIO (and correct me if I’m wrong) lies in allowing the user to choose their own preferences regardless of any reasons they may or may not have.

However, not all platforms do not or no longer natively support Comic Sans, so we have the dilemma of finding a fall back font for it on systems such as iOS. Would anyone have thoughts on possible options, potential fonts, or any suggestions in general on how we can address this issue?

That being said, we think it would now also be of use to not necessarily replace Comic Sans, but to add OpenDyslexic as a font preference to target that specific concern as well. There was also a suggestion to be able to easily customise UIO to change, add, or remove the fonts. Does anyone have thoughts on this?

We gladly welcome your input!

Thank you!

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