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Hi, Alan.

There was a lot of discussion when Steve Githens was working on the
DevPMT.  UI generation was very relevant to his work.  We discussed it in
several "PCP API" meetings.  I posted lots to the architecture list in May
and June:

I also wrote about UI and JSON Schema validation in general at length to
help with the PCP API discussions:

I will certainly copy the wider group on additional notes, especially
regarding this topic.



On 22 September 2017 at 16:24, Harnum, Alan <aharnum at> wrote:

> A late comment on this one- I am curious about the discussions regarding
> "generating Uis from JSON schemas" but couldn't find details looking
> through mailing lists / wikis, are those taking place as part of the GPII
> Architecture meetings?
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> Subject: Article on personalisable interfaces...
> Hi, All:
> This article from the Paciello group came up in my feed recently:
> personalised-interfaces/
> They specifically mention the GPII, but also discuss the SUPPLE project
> <>.  There's a video
> produced by the SUPPLE team <> that
> demonstrates measuring speed and accuracy of using a pointing device for
> two users with very different needs, and then shows how the system
> generates two different interfaces that can be used to input the same data.
> Although the SUPPLE project doesn't seem to have much we can directly
> reuse, we can certainly use their ideas to inform our discussions
> regarding generating UIs from JSON schemas.  We have previously discussed
> how breaking down "what can be entered" into declarative form gives us the
> ability to create one mechanism to edit a range of arbitrary (in our case)
> settings.
> It may already have been obvious to everyone else, but this article
> reminded me that describing "what needs to be entered" separately from
> "how it's entered" also gives us the option to generate multiple interfaces
> tailored to individual user's needs.
> Cheers,
> Tony
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