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Tony Atkins tony at
Thu Sep 14 08:15:31 UTC 2017

Hi, All:

This article from the Paciello group came up in my feed recently:

They specifically mention the GPII, but also discuss the SUPPLE project
<>.  There's a video
produced by the SUPPLE team <> that
demonstrates measuring speed and accuracy of using a pointing device for
two users with very different needs, and then shows how the system
generates two different interfaces that can be used to input the same data.

Although the SUPPLE project doesn't seem to have much we can directly
reuse, we can certainly use their ideas to inform our discussions regarding
generating UIs from JSON schemas.  We have previously discussed how
breaking down "what can be entered" into declarative form gives us the
ability to create one mechanism to edit a range of arbitrary (in our case)

It may already have been obvious to everyone else, but this article
reminded me that describing "what needs to be entered" separately from "how
it's entered" also gives us the option to generate multiple interfaces
tailored to individual user's needs.


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