Proposals to cleanup fluid-project GitHub repositories

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Mon Nov 20 12:12:56 UTC 2017

+1 to both proposals, thanks for looking at this Justin – reducing the amount of repos will make the fluid-project org easier to navigate for everyone.

From: fluid-work <fluid-work-bounces at> on behalf of Justin Obara <obara.justin at>
Date: Friday, November 17, 2017 at 8:13 AM
To: Fluid Work <fluid-work at>
Subject: Proposals to cleanup fluid-project GitHub repositories

GitHub recently added the feature to archive repositories<>  This effectively makes them read-only and flags them as archived. For fluid-project repos<>  this will be a way for us to distinguish our current projects from ones which are no longer active. Note that archived repos can still be forked and worked on elsewhere, and they can be unarchived if work picks up again in the future.

I think that this will be a good opportunity for us to do some cleanup in our GitHub space. Please see the two proposals below.


Proposal #1:

I propose that we mark the following repos as archived, update their README and description to indicate this, close their open issues (GitHub Issues and JIRA) and mothball their open PRs:

  *   FestivalTextToSpeechService<>
  *   jshint<>
  *   videoPlayer<>
  *   sonification-design<>
  *   EPUB<>
  *   metadata<>
  *   builder<>
  *   image-gallery<>
  *   Captionator<>
  *   uio-gpii-integration<>
  *   old-kettle<>
  *   JSCSSP<>
  *   build-scripts<>
  *   misc<>
  *   xhr<>
  *   contributionSample<>
  *   documentation<>
  *   engage<>
  *   osdpl<>
  *   websites<>
  *   workshops<>

Proposal #2:

Additional proposal is to remove the following repos:

  *   data-dashboard<> ( the code is in fluid-lab/data-dashboard<>, but there is a PR<> in the fluid-project repo)
  *   security-design<> (looks like it was never used)
  *   prefsEditors<> (this is a fork from GPII/prefsEditors<>, but not sure where the exploration tool<> is built from)
  *   epubReader<> (this was a GSoC project and should be moved to fluid-lab<>)
  *<> (looks like it was never used and the floe site is done under the repo<>)
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