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Mon Jul 10 20:12:28 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

We've been designing, developing, and deploying more and more Wordpress sites for various IDRC projects. Many of these sites are using two common components:

  *   Floe UI Options Wordpress Plugin<>
  *   Floe wp-a11y theme <> (in development)

Since many of these production sites are using their own customizations on the wp-a11y theme, there needs to be a good way to propagate changes to the wp-a11y theme to these sites without affecting the customizations.

Approach 1: Core features + Continuous Integration

A possible approach to this would be to create a standard WP configuration with the following features:

  *   UIO Plugin + Continuous Integration configured to get changes from github
  *   wp-a11y theme configured to get changes from github
  *   a wp-a11y child theme stub for the customizations
  *   documentation explaining how child theme development would work

This would give us the ability to push changes to the UIO Plugin and the wp-a11y theme without clobbering any changes (assuming the site authors did not directly edit the theme files).

Approach 2: Register with

Another approach is to register both the UIO Plugin and the wp-a11y theme with and have changes pushed out using the WP update process. Ultimately I think this would be ideal for end users outside of the IDRC, but the wp-a11y theme has a way to go before it's ready.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how we might do this? Does Approach #1 seem reasonable?

- Jon.

Jonathan Hung, Inclusive Designer
Email: jhung at
OCAD University
Inclusive Design Research Centre

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