New GitHub org for GSoC and experimental work

Justin Obara obara.justin at
Fri Jan 20 13:07:02 UTC 2017

I’m planning on creating a new GitHub organization as a place where we can
pull in our GSoC projects and other exploratory and experimental work that
we may be doing in our community. In this way we can more easily keep track
of and collaborate on projects, without overwhelming the main fluid-project
GitHub organization. As work progresses a repo may reach a point where it
transitions into the main fluid-project space.

I’ve been trying to think of an appropriate organization name. Here are a
few ideas.

   - fluid-lab
   - fluid-incubator
   - fluid-sandbox
   - fluid-experiments
   - fluid-explorations
   - fluid-explore
   - fluid-expand
   - fluid-grow
   - fluid-ripple
   - fluid-spawn
   - fluid-skunkworks
   - fluid-seed

I believe we’ve used lab, incubator, and sandbox in a similar capacity in
the past. Of the three I’d prefer lab. I’m also inclined to fluid-expand as
it fits with the properties of a fluid substance, and can be thought of as
expanding upon an idea. Another one I’m leaning towards would be
fluid-skunkworks as in a skunkworks project

Feel free to leave other options and thoughts. I plan on creating the new
org early next week.

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