BIG IDeA is now on the Fluid Wiki

Hung, Jonathan jhung at
Thu Jan 19 21:22:30 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

Just letting you know that BIG IDeA is now on the Fluid Wiki. You can find it linked on the sidebar navigation under “Projects” or directly at this link:

Currently the wiki page is quite bare, so please contribute.

I have also added the brainstorming notes<> from this week's Design Crit to the page and sorted the notes into headings.

If I were to try to summarize the BIG IDeA project, it aims to improve experiences and processes within businesses and their customers, and build up resources and virtuous cycles for continued improvement through inclusive design. The project will include community engagement events, and creation / curation of resources.

Of course there’s more to this than that. You can find the project description and grant on the Certified for Access website<> which describes everything.


- Jon.

Jonathan Hung, Inclusive Designer
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OCAD University
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