PROPOSAL: add Infusion to cdnjs

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Wed Jan 18 15:21:00 UTC 2017

Just to update the community on this, it’s been reviewed by the CDNJS maintainers and looks like it should be added to the CDN shortly (one reviewer has approved it, another needs to weigh in). The PR is at

I’ve got a PR against Infusion ( that adds minified versions of the JS and CSS files to the /dist directory when running the NPM prepublish task. This will allow us to take full advantage of their autoupdate feature when pushing out new versions.

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Subject: PROPOSAL: add Infusion to cdnjs

Now that our NPM package is publishing a /dist directory with a number of precompiled versions of Infusion, I would like to propose that we see about adding Infusion to the content distribution network that provides free hosting of Javascript libraries and supporting assets. There are details of how to contribute libraries to cdnjs at and they don't seem too difficult.

I am specifically interested in this because it will make it easier to use and similar parts of the online code demonstration ecosystem to write small examples of using Infusion for tutorials, replicate bugs in an isolated, shareable way, and provide a familiar CDN-available version of the library to prospective users of Infusion.

I am willing to spend some time exploring this if no one from the community objects.



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