PROPOSAL: add Infusion to cdnjs

Tony Atkins tony at
Mon Jan 16 10:06:29 UTC 2017

Hi, Alan:

This is a fine idea. I often find myself writing demonstrations of bugs or
sketches of new design patterns in micro-projects.  This would be so much
better, we're a distributed group, and we need shared tools to inform
discussions, investigate bugs, develop workarounds, et cetera.  We
especially need tools like this that enable collaboration in real time.

+1, to say the least.  Let me know if you need help testing anything out.



On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 4:55 PM, Harnum, Alan <aharnum at> wrote:

> Now that our NPM package is publishing a /dist directory with a number of
> precompiled versions of Infusion, I would like to propose that we see about
> adding Infusion to the content distribution network
> that provides free hosting of Javascript libraries and supporting assets.
> There are details of how to contribute libraries to cdnjs at
> and they
> don't seem too difficult.
> I am specifically interested in this because it will make it easier to use
> and similar parts of the online code demonstration
> ecosystem to write small examples of using Infusion for tutorials,
> replicate bugs in an isolated, shareable way, and provide a familiar
> CDN-available version of the library to prospective users of Infusion.
> I am willing to spend some time exploring this if no one from the
> community objects.
> Alan
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