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Thu Aug 31 15:44:52 UTC 2017

*Hi everyone,As it was mentioned on the Architecture meeting yesterday,
we've been engaged in adding multiple components, based on an array input
with unknown length - a list of user settings' metadata. Every setting
specifies which adjuster (widget) to be used for it. There are a few more
questions we'd like to ask your opinion about in addition to what we
discussed today.Firstly, as the PCP is not aware of the number and type of
the adjusters (the same adjuster may appear multiple times) which are to be
shown, a static approach seems to not be applicable for us. Having that in
mind, we expect our components (adjusters) to have their own template
(markup) which is to be injected with their initialization. Does this make
sense?We'd also like to know what convention you follow for keeping such
markups. When do you favor using inline definition like in
using an external file?On a similar note, keeping related markup in an
external file (an `.html` file) led to another question: What is the proper
way of loading the markup and injecting it within a given container? We
followed the example supplied here -
- but we're not sure if this is the best way of accomplishing this. Here's
a draft of our idea -
. Are we on the right path?Any comments would be helpful!Best regards,The
Astea Team*

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