Restructuring the Floe Project news index - opinions?

Hung, Jonathan jhung at
Wed Aug 23 19:00:40 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

Currently on the Floe Project website<>, the news index<> page duplicates the contents of individual news articles.

For example, the recent post about the Nexus Science lab appears both in its own page<>, and in the news index<>.

I'm wondering what people think about changing the news index page to be a list of article titles (ordered by date) that link to the individual news articles? This will make it easier to author and maintain, reduce redundancy, and make the news index easier to navigate.

Depending on the feedback, I can update FLOE-530<> to include restructuring the news index as well.


- Jon.

Jonathan Hung, Inclusive Designer
Email: jhung at
OCAD University
Inclusive Design Research Centre

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