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Justin Obara obara.justin at
Thu Sep 29 14:21:17 UTC 2016

For infusion and other fluid projects we are making the switch to a sharable
eslint configuration <>.
(see: FLUID-596 <> ) This
is fairly easy to setup within a project and should have no affect on how
you run linting via the command line, although you may need to run another
“npm install” to get all of the latest dependencies.

However, I have come across an issue with the editor. I’m using the
linter-eslint package to do linting as I work. It was throwing an error
that eslint-config-fluid could not be found. It seems that this is related
to how the linter works and is packaged with eslint. Rather than using the
one in your project it uses a version it comes bundled with itself. The
solution to the problem is to change the plugin to use a globally installed
instance. You’ll also need to install the eslint-config-fluid module
globally as well.

Hope that helps
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