Inclusive Design Guidelines (work in process)

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Hi Felipe,
This is great! I like the simplicity and playfulness of your approach.
Dana and I also tried to explore a variety of icons for the Inclusive Design guides. However, some of these icons became too complex and difficult to decode and needed further simplification.
I have included the links here, you may be able to find some ideas in there that could work in your approach.

Thanks for the great work,
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Hello everyone, I'm Felipe. 1st year Master student doing some volunteering work at IDRC

With regards to the Inclusive  Design Guidelines cards' icons, I like the blocky and somewhat playful look of the icons. I think we need some consistency in the symbols and the elements. (see below screenshot for draft) what do you think of this approach?

Secondly, I see a great potential in the activities category (matchmaking, cause &effect, etc) each activity could be a standalone package that would work with the Inclusive Design Guidelines but also by itself. if you guys are interested I can do a demo/proposal for one activity and we can see how it goes from there.

Lastly, I'm in the IRC as fs11kk

Felipe S[Inline image 1]
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