[Architecture] Vagrant QI - Split node_modules

Tony Atkins tony at raisingthefloor.org
Wed Nov 9 08:19:12 UTC 2016

Hi, Giovanni:

Glad to see there is a new option here.  Is the fix already reflected in
Alfredo's work?  I have started using that, and would rather not move back
to maintaining local Vagrantfiles.



On Tue, Nov 8, 2016 at 7:45 PM, Tirloni, Giovanni <gtirloni at ocadu.ca> wrote:

> Hello,
>    Some people have experienced issues with node_modules and symlinks
> being unsupported inside VirtualBox shared folders (Windows); or
> occasional issues when the VM operating system is a different
> architecture (e.g. Windows/OSX host and Linux VM) and they try to share
> the node_modules (using VirtualBox Shared Folders).
>    If you have experienced such issues (Windows and OSX users are most
> likely to), please consider adding the following code snippet to your
> Vagrantfile, right below the config.vm.synced_folder so it gets executed
> first when the VM boots:
> https://github.com/GPII/universal/blob/master/Vagrantfile#L33-L38
>    This will ensure the node_modules directory inside the VM is separate
> from the one on the host OS, so `npm install` (or `yarn install`) can
> run independently.
>    The rest of the code in the repository continues to be shared as a
> single entity, just like always. With this solution, we "pierce a hole"
> into the VirtualBox shared folder and mount the node_modules directory
> locally within the VM (in this case, in /var/tmp, outside the shared
> folder).
> --
>   Regarding the ability to avoid having to keep Vagrantfile within the
> repositories, we are working on a Vagrant plugin to automate this work.
> As this touches various areas (local tests, hosted CI, the YAML config
> file), work has been progressing slowly as these pieces mature. At this
> time the code is still alpha quality.
> Regards,
> Giovanni
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