Vagrant QI - Split node_modules

Tirloni, Giovanni gtirloni at
Tue Nov 8 18:45:53 UTC 2016


   Some people have experienced issues with node_modules and symlinks 
being unsupported inside VirtualBox shared folders (Windows); or 
occasional issues when the VM operating system is a different 
architecture (e.g. Windows/OSX host and Linux VM) and they try to share 
the node_modules (using VirtualBox Shared Folders).

   If you have experienced such issues (Windows and OSX users are most 
likely to), please consider adding the following code snippet to your 
Vagrantfile, right below the config.vm.synced_folder so it gets executed 
first when the VM boots:

   This will ensure the node_modules directory inside the VM is separate 
from the one on the host OS, so `npm install` (or `yarn install`) can 
run independently.

   The rest of the code in the repository continues to be shared as a 
single entity, just like always. With this solution, we "pierce a hole" 
into the VirtualBox shared folder and mount the node_modules directory 
locally within the VM (in this case, in /var/tmp, outside the shared 


  Regarding the ability to avoid having to keep Vagrantfile within the 
repositories, we are working on a Vagrant plugin to automate this work. 
As this touches various areas (local tests, hosted CI, the YAML config 
file), work has been progressing slowly as these pieces mature. At this 
time the code is still alpha quality.


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