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Hi Smit,

Thanks for introducing yourself. Welcome to the community!

> On Mar 5, 2016, at 11:08 AM, smit patwa <smit.patwa at> wrote:
> I am interested in your "Responsive Music UI Controls and Implement User Interface / Learner Options Responsive Design" Ideas
> I have read the description about this ideas in your GSOC idea page
> <>
> Just a few thing I want to know about it:
> Do we need to work on some existing project or do we have to build a completely new ui?
> Is there any GSOC specific task that you give us to work on now?

In terms of your first question, the Responsive Music UI Controls project involves building new user interfaces. If there are existing libraries that you think will be helpful in the process, those are worth considering.

As for tasks, I think the biggest thing to start on now is to think through what kinds of things you'll do as part of the project--what some of your milestones and deliverables will be. For example, what kinds of UI controls will you create? How, specifically, will they be different from the other types of libraries you've encountered? How many of them do you anticipate implementing in the time you have allocated? How will you test them? And so on. Answers to these questions will then be part of your application for the project.


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