Infusion 2.0 blockers

Justin Obara obara.justin at
Wed Mar 2 15:12:34 UTC 2016

Yesterday Michelle and I looked over open issues in JIRA and identified a
list of the blockers that we wish to be addressed for the Infusion 2.0
release. Some of these were discovered during our initial release testing
(See: Infusion 2.0 release testing thread
others have been around for longer.

Did we miss anything?

JIRA Issues

FLUID-5821: that.locate should return an empty element if the selector
cannot be found <>*…*
FLUID-5689: Pager demo tooltips our of sync with the table
FLUID-5415: keyboard a11y demo is silent in NVDA
FLUID-5370: Clean up backwards compatibility code for status messages
FLUID-5361: Model Listeners notified by model relay applier do not respect
listener priorities <>
FLUID-5209: ensure that listeners in the preference framework are properly
FLUID-4016: Investigate and possibly remove “stylisticOffset” from
reorderer options <>
FLUID-3797: Remove deprecated callbacks from process component

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