Infusion has been upgraded to use grunt 1.0.1

Li, Cindy cli at
Thu Jun 2 20:17:58 UTC 2016


Thanks to Antranig’s good work<> that has been merged into the master today, Infusion has been upgraded to:

1. Use the latest grunt 1.0.1 version;
2. Use newer versions of grunt plugins;
3. Use ESLint<> as the linting tool. For those who are interested, read this<> to find out why JSHint<> is abandoned.

What does this change mean to all developers is, please redo your infusion “npm install” once you sync up your local infusion with the project repo. Steps if you are using a command terminal:

1. Go to your local infusion folder and sync up;
2. rm -rf node_modules/
3. npm install

SET and Enjoy!

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