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Hi Sparsh,

Thanks so much for your reply. Neither Sepideh and I feel particularly qualified to talk about Fitt’s law or Gestalt theory, although these are definitely  interesting subjects. If anyone out there is more familiar with applying these kinds of laws to design, perhaps we could have a community meeting about them at a later date. Please feel free to share any resources you may have with the list!

We were thinking to discuss design principles more broadly from an inclusive design perspective, and probably based around the Inclusive Design guide that we recently created. We’ll be sending out an email shortly with more details.

Regarding your second point - we will definitely cover this in some way next week.

And regarding your third point, I think a discussion around wireframing tools would also be useful, but we probably won’t have time to cover this next week. We generally use Adobe Illustrator to create mockups, occasionally we collaboratively sketch using Google Draw. For prototyping we’ve tried a number of different things, including PowerPoint, InVision, and more recently FramerJS. If anyone wants to share other tools they use and like here (and especially those that are more accessible), that would be great. We can definitely discuss this further and perhaps make this a topic of a future meeting.


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I am very excited about the Workshop. I would love if you can cover some of these-

1. Some important principles of Interaction Design like Fitts's law, Gestalts law and others with practical implications. And how to involve these in our works.
2. I would love to know about the different design process that you follow for approaching a functionally rich solution to a problem.
3. Wire-framing tools for making our mock-ups more interactive and presentable.

Hope this is not out of scope of discussion of the meeting.


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