Meeting Summary - Inclusive Learning Design Handbook & Inclusive Design Guidelines

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Mon Jul 11 20:19:51 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Tim and I, the two occupational therapy students on placement at IDRC are
currently taking a look through the Inclusive Design Guidelines as well as
the Inclusive Learning Design Handbook. We had a discussion with Dana and
Sepideh in regards to what can be addressed to further develop the two
resources. The following provides a summary of what was discussed:


   The Inclusive Design Guidelines currently refers to the Inclusive
   Learning Design Handbook but not vice versa

      Include references to Inclusive Design Guidelines where applicable in
      the Inclusive Learning Design Handbook

   There are some overlaps between the Inclusive Learning Design Handbook
   and the Inclusive Design Guidelines

      Establish what needs to be repeated, and what needs to be
      differentiated amongst the two resources

   Possible addition of assistive device information to Inclusive Design
   Learning Handbook

      Might be referencing existing external sources as opposed to creating
      our own

   Incorporating vignettes into sections of the Inclusive Learning Design

      Create “before and after” example for design recommendations to
      demonstrate possible end user experience

   Occupational students to keep a running list of inconsistencies between
   the two resources as well as identify content that can be modified or
   rephrased to be made more understandable to audience members outside of the

We welcome any feedback or thoughts about this project.

Godfrey and Tim

MScOT Candidates
University of Toronto
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