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Hi Sepideh,

We have some folks related to the PhET project visiting on July 19-22. I think they would very much like to be part of this and learn what they can from our processes.

Since they are here before the meeting on the 27th, perhaps they will be a good audience to help refine the workshop?

- Jon.

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On July 7, 2016 at 1:15:47 PM, Shahi, Sepideh (sshahi at<mailto:sshahi at>) wrote:

Hello Everyone,
There has been a general interest to have a community workshop about “Design Principles” or “Introduction to Design” within the context of inclusive design. Dana and I will be leading a workshop about this topic on July 27th and we were curious about what the Fluid community would like to know or discuss about design.
So we’d like to throw a few questions out to start the conversation about this topic. However, you are not limited to these questions; let us know if there are other design related topics/issues you would like to be discussed in the workshop:

  1.  What are the big or small questions you have about design? These can be related to design processes, methods, tools, specific fields, etc.
  2.  Are you interested in knowing how you could benefit from design in your field?
  3.  Are you interested in doing some hands-on activities? We can try some of the ‘Inclusive Design Guide’ activities as a group or some of the tools created by Jutta.

We are eagerly looking forward to hearing from you.




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