How about having a generic demo component

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Mon Jul 4 08:19:05 UTC 2016

Hi, Dinuka:

Earlier in my own learning process, I worked on something similar, a
sandbox for working with a Fluid component:

That sandbox will let you make configuration changes to a component and see
the changes on screen.  It works for model changes, events, and view
components at the moment.

If you have a little time to collaborate and can think of topics that were
hard to learn, I'm happy to set up a couple of pairing sessions and work on
some live tutorials together.



On Fri, Jul 1, 2016 at 2:15 PM, Dinuka Desilva <l.dinukadesilva at>

> Hi all,
> When I go through infusion documentation, i felt like it's quit difficult
> to get a clear understanding of the infusion syntax and components since
> most of them are textual descriptions. Also I felt even lazy when I have to
> setup everything when I wanted to try out something. Actually I really had
> a need of having a live example available in the documentations.
> I had the same need even for my GSOC project and I came up with kind of an
> implementation like which is in this page
> As a starting point of improving documentation pages, I think it would be
> great having a generic component which is capable in generating a live
> editor and a preview for a given code sample. So, that we can have this
> integrated into our documentations as well.
> Also using this, we can build a library which generates demo pages for
> front end libraries which expands to another project.
> Let me know your thoughts......
> Thanks
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