Deprecation of aria-grabbed and aria-dropeffect

Joseph Scheuhammer clown.idi at
Fri Jan 29 16:47:01 UTC 2016

This is a heads up for any who might have a stake.  The feeling of the 
ARIA working group is that aria-grabbed and aria-dropeffect should be 

The purpose of two attributes was to represent, within accessibility 
APIs, the state of elements on a web page that were involved in a 
drag-and-drop operation.  They were also useful for keyboard based 
drag-and-drop operations.

They haven't been implemented in browsers in a interoperable fashion, 
nor have authors used them consistently (or so I'm told). Hence, the 
feeling is to deprecate them in the ARIA 1.1 time frame, and propose a 
new, better solution for ARIA 2.0.

Note that "deprecated" here means that they are still in the ARIA 1.1 
specification, but marked deprecated.  By ARIA 2.0, they will be removed 
from the spec.  That means that until there is a better substitute, 
browsers must still implement them, authors can use continue to use 
them, and existing web pages that use them will continue to work (= work 
as well as they do now).

Here is a link to the proposed text to add to the ARIA specification.  
So far, there are no objections and this text will likely be added to 
the editors' draft by next week.  Note that the email contains links to 
the proposed text in situ:


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