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Justin Obara obara.justin at
Thu Feb 11 20:58:12 UTC 2016

At yesterdays community meeting we started testing for the Infusion 2.0 release. The following issues were uncovered as part of the release testing. 


FLUID-5821: that.locate should return an empty element if the selector cannot be found…
FLUID-5689: Pager demo tooltips out of sync with table
FLUID-5361: Model listeners notified by model relay do not respect listener priorities


FLUID-5858: FluidIoC tests fail sporadically
FLUID-5859: LayoutReorderer test fails on Firefox 44
FLUID-5860: Enactors test failing on Chrome 48
FLUID-5861: Tooltip test stuck at FLUID-5846 depending on mouse cursor position (IE11)
FLUID-5862: InlineEdit test fails on Microsoft Edge


FLUID-5857: Progress Example submit button stuck in disabled state on Firefox

Due to the blockers we’ve stopped release testing till they are addressed and will pick up again afterwards. Please review the severity of the of the issues, particularly those filed as blockers. 

Additional notes on blockers:

FLUID-5821 - Breaks mouse interactions with the reorderer.
FLUID-5689 - I upgraded this to a blocker as the tooltips seem integral to the pager. Please provide feedback.
FLUID-5361 - Was a blocker for 1.5 and recently reopened.


On February 10, 2016 at 9:00:33 AM, Justin Obara (obara.justin at wrote:

Our community meeting for Infusion 2.0 release testing was bumped up to today. Sorry about the late notice, but please feel free to come and participate. 

Test Plans and Testing Tasks can all be found on the wiki.

Also, last chance to bring up any bug fixes or features that have not yet made it into master.

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