Cloud9 instance for pair programming community meeting this Wednesday

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Mon Dec 12 21:31:44 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Michelle and I are holding Part 2 of our pair programming community meeting this week and at Justin's suggestion I've set up a free-tier Cloud9 ( instance hosting the mapping application we worked on last time.

Cloud9 is a hosted development environment that includes a VM console and IDE directly in the browser, and allows multiple people to work within the console/editor at the same time. This will make it easier for those who are remote to observe / join in, should they wish.

Since it requires a little bit of prep (you need a Cloud9 account) I'm sending out this email now so those who want to join in can be prepared.

Preparing to Join In

  1.  Create a free-tier account at (this requires a credit card even at free tier, a la AWS).
  2.  Send me your Cloud9 username and I'll add you as a read-write access project collaborator.
  3.  Log in to the IDE at come meeting time and fight with me for control of the keyboard!

Observing will be the URL of the mapping application when it's running during the workshop (it should auto-reload in your browser as we work on it).

Let me know if you have any questions! I think this should be an interesting experiment & make Part 2 more fun for those who are joining remotely.


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