Priorities for an Infusion 2.0 release

Antranig Basman antranig.basman at
Fri Aug 12 15:57:17 UTC 2016 and should go in before 
the release, but otherwise I think it could happen at any time.

It would be nice to be able to move to a cycle where releases could be 
made whenever convenient. A big barrier to this might be being lifted by 
Tony Atkins' "WebDriver" work which would enable us to write some 
automated tests for numerous issues which until now have required manual 
QA - e.g. mouse drag and drop interactions on the Reorderer, tab 
navigability, etc. This will be quite a lot of work but a hugely 
valuable investment for the future.

Pulls which reflect reasonably "meaty" ongoing work are and

I think both of these are pretty close to completion and could go in 
with reasonably minor work.

Small patches which seem unproblematic are #722, #720, #728 and #729 and 
these could go in quickly although we should follow up on #720 to find 
out what it depends on and what it will enable.

The "GSoC pulls" #690, #685 and #675 I don't really know about.

On 11/08/2016 19:56, Justin Obara wrote:
> We’d like to start thinking again about an Infusion 2.0 release. The
> first step towards that is discussing exactly what we’d like / require
> to have as part of the 2.0 release. Currently there are 88 open issues
> <>
> and about relevant 12 open PRs
> <>. I’d like to narrow
> down which issues or at least which areas ( e.g. Framework bugs ) we
> should focus on for the release. Please let me know what you think.
> Thanks
> Justin

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