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Hi everyone,

For the past few years we have been using Dropbox as a way to store design artifacts that are being worked on. As designs mature or high milestones, they are copied to the Fluid Wiki.

This arrangement, while it was a convenient decision years ago, isn’t ideal for a number of reasons:
1. Dropbox isn’t open by default.
2. Dropbox has space limitations without purchasing a subscription
3. Causes versioning issues between copies like on the wiki and ones in Dropbox.
4. General lack of features we now desire like better versioning with logs, support for community processes etc.

Currently we are running into storage issues with Dropbox (we’re out of space), so we’re looking to solve two issues:

Issue 1. Relieve the immediate storage issue.
Issue 2. Find a platform that has the feature we want and consider a migration to that.

The storage issue can be solved a number of ways. Older artifacts which are unlikely to change can be moved to the CDN and indexed in an accessible location (i.e. create a wiki page which tracks the design artifacts that are there). Or we can use OwnCloud (which we have tested in the past) to run our own Dropbox replacement. Solving Issue 1 doesn’t really gain us anything aside from storage capacity.

Finding a new platform will require a bit more research. We’ll need to discover what is available, do some competitive analysis, come up with a list of requirements, and then see if any of the platforms will offer what we want. A wiki page or a Google Doc can be used coordinate this work.

The storage issue is an immediate concern so we will need to address that quickly.

Please chime in and give your thoughts and suggestions.

- Jon.




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