Soliciting Thoughts & Feedback for Community Meeting on Introduction to Programming

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We could play :) (I just ordered my copy this weekend & it should arrive this week)

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This is great.

I used to co-teach a class called “Programming for non-programmers”. Back then we started with Turtle Logo, later Basic, then Small Talk, then Scratch.  I also showed the progression from machine code and up through the layers of abstraction. We made it intergenerational, including fairly young kids. One thing that worked very well was pairing a very very hesitant programmer with a courageous programmer.

I would encourage a physical or experiential element to the class.


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Hi Fluid folks,

Some months back we were discussing possible community workshops and I floated up “Introduction to Programming” as a topic – this received some interest and we’ve now scheduled it for May 4, which means I need to decide what to do for it. :)

So I’d like to throw a few questions out to the community before I start down any road and throw the following questions out to anyone interested in this topic:

  1.  What are the big or small questions you have about computer programming? These can be conceptual, historical, practical, psychological, whatever.
  2.  Are you interested in doing some hands-on activities? I was thinking it might be fun to do some live programming as a group.
  3.  If you’ve gone through any kind of “introduction to programming” material before and found it weird, alienating or otherwise negative, what was it that you think created that experience?

I’d like this to be fun and informative (within the constraint of the time the community meeting gives us), and people’s opinions would be very helpful.


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