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Wed Sep 16 21:01:21 UTC 2015

Hi all, 

Two questions regarding the wire frame shown on page 3 in this document came up this week: 

1. The first being whether cursor key navigation changes the time scale or allows a user to navigate charts

2. The second question about dashboard/graphs accessibility

I'm forwarding Sepideh's reply and hoping we can discuss this during tomorrow's crit.


From: Shahi, Sepideh
Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2015 4:01 PM
To: Gill, Avtar
Subject: Questions about QI Dashboard

Hi Avtar,
Regarding the first question: I think the horizontal navigation should not change the time scale. The time scale can be defined only by the slider on the top.
For the horizontal navigation we can either keep it or remove it:
1. Keeping the horizontal navigation:  (this option is currently used in the wireframe) there are certain number of bars that you can see at once on the x axis. So, on the current wireframe,  we can only show 30 bars at a time. thus, for projects that need to show more than 30 bars, user has to use the horizontal navigation to move between the bars.

  *   Advantage: easier on the eye, and it’s always consistent across different projects and bars don’t keep changing size.
  *   Disadvantage: some data is hidden, and need horizontal navigation

2. Removing the horizontal navigation:   We can show all the bars for the selected time scale at once. in this case, we can abandon the horizontal navigation. For instance, if you pick a weekly timescale for a project that has been running for 4 years, you would see 104 bars on the X axis at once and you don’t need to navigate horizontally.

  *   Advantage: you don’t need to scroll, and you get an overall picture of the project from its start date
  *   Disadvantage: bars may be too thin for projects that have many years of activity

So, we can discuss this further and decide which approach is better. and also if you think we should change time scale by horizontal navigation, I can totally think about that as well.

For the second question, I think it’s a really good idea to discuss this in a design crit. I can prepare a flow for the tab order but we need to talk more about how to sonify these charts. I was hoping to get some ideas from the pie chart authoring tool.

Please let me know if this didn’t make any sense, and I’ll try to explain it by some sketches.



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