JIRA workflow changes

Antranig Basman antranig.basman at colorado.edu
Tue Sep 8 00:14:01 UTC 2015

Hi there Justin - this looks like very useful functionality. It didn't seem to work for me this evening - I 
created the following pull request
but it didn't seem to be picked up by the related JIRA:
I manually changed the status to "PULL REQUEST" but it still doesn't seem to have any relation to the actual 
pull request.
Also, the tool tip for the PULL REQUEST status reads a little misleadingly - it states, "A fix for this 
issue has been attached as a patch and is ready to be committed". If I understand the functionality 
correctly, it would be more helpful for it to refer to github explicitly.

Thanks for working on this workflow!


On 31/08/2015 17:05, Justin Obara wrote:
> Last Thursday I modified the JIRA workflow. There are two key changes:
>  1. “need commit” was renamed to “pull request”
>  2. Added workflow triggers <https://confluence.atlassian.com/jira/configuring-workflow-triggers-656539662.html>
> The workflow triggers should allow our changes to the repository to update the status of the JIRA tickets.
> The two cases that you should see this happen are 1) when you file a pull request the JIRA should change to
> “pull request” 2) when you merge a pull request the JIRA should change to “resolved”.
> Unfortunately it is difficult to test the workflow triggers without affecting our repo. I’m going to to try
> to monitor this as we conduct our work. Please let me know if you see any issues, or the triggers not working.
> Thanks
> Justin

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