Optimizing file size and load times

Tirloni, Giovanni gtirloni at ocadu.ca
Wed Jun 24 13:46:39 UTC 2015


 While benchmarking some of our websites I noticed the Infusion JS files
 account for most of the load time. I'm not necessarily close to our
 datacenter and here it takes as much as 15-20sec of the total page load
 time (180ms RTT). The impact is greater on my smartphone.

=> inclusivedesign.ca

 - MyInfusion.js is downloaded twice (different URLs)
 - Size: 1749KB
 - Compressed Size: 542KB (30%)
 - Minified Size: 902KB (51%)
 - Minified/Compressed Size: 230KB (13%)

=> build.fluidproject.org

 - infusion-custom.js is downloaded twice
 - Size: 2444KB
 - Compressed Size: 586KB (23%)
 - Minified size: 1286KB (52%)
 - Minified/Compressed Size: 157KB (6%)

 I've only tested these two but I'm wondering what other websites out
 there are using the framework and not minifying / compressing these
 files. Usually enabling compression at the server level is outside the
 control for web hosting clients so I wouldn't count on that being
 enabled always.

 Would it make sense to offer minified JS files by defaults from the
 repository or perhaps include steps to minify them in the official
 documentation? I have used UglifyJS in my tests.


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