Flocking links from Wednesday's community meeting

Clark, Colin cclark at ocadu.ca
Fri Jun 19 16:30:54 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

On Wednesday, I presented Flocking, a web framework built with Infusion for audio synthesis and sonification. We will likely be using it as part of our sonification authoring tool development.

Here are a few links to more information about it:

Paper from the 2014 International Computer Music Conference:

Slides from the conference presentation:

Minimal (but growing) documentation:

Flocking mailing list:

During the presentation, I also mentioned some limitations in Flocking that we will have to address or work around in the short term. This includes its limited support for native Web Audio nodes and its lack of support for MIDI-style playback using a technology such as SoundFonts. Hopefully these issues will be addressed in Flocking soon, and if it turns out to be possible for us to contribute as part of this effort, I'm happy to provide guidance.


Colin Clark
Lead Software Architect,
Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University

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