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Thu Jun 18 01:53:27 UTC 2015

Hi Dana, Steve Lee, Steven Githens, Avtar,

Thanks for all the feedback. I wanted to reply to everyone sooner, but to
finish a new mockup before responding. I have attached the new mock-up to
this email, but I will get to that at the end of this email after
responding to the feedback.

*@Dana *- some of the accessibility concerns included:
- insufficient default colour contrast
- inconsistency of link styling (underline, no underline, colours)
- inconsistency of link verbage
- inconsistent use of links which are headers in the table of contents
- lack textual equivalents for the images (which are rather complex
- ensure proper use of ARIA on elements like the menu link.
- possible confusion over the meaning of the menu icon
- possible confusion over the inconsistent location of the Table of
Contents (it changes location depending on size of display)
- there may be other issues I forgot to mention, but have addressed in the
new mockup.

I've addressed most of these concerns in the new mockup.

*@Steve Lee*
A while back we did research into the different platforms for making static
sites. We settled on docpad because of its flexibility and plugin support.
We've used docpad for both the Fluid Project website, and the Infusion
documentation website are built using it. So far it's meeting our needs.

*@Steve Githens*
Thanks for that feedback. We were very intentional in making it easy to use
as a content editor. With the refactoring we are planning, we aim to
maintain that simplicity.

Indeed! We'll need to write a contributor's guide for the ILDH. It would
have to cover using git, markdown, and other topics. I'll create a jira for
this if there isn't a similar one already.

*Now on to the new mockups....*

The new mockups addresses the following concerns:
- adding a search function
- consistent behaviour of hiding and showing the article Index on both
large and small displays
- addressing multiple accessibility concerns as mentioned above.
Including consistent styling of links and headers, colour contrast (now
WCAG 2.0 AAA compliant), and other issues.
- not pictured in the mock-ups is the inclusion of Infusion UI Options
which will be added upon implementation.

Please share your thoughts if you have any questions or comments about this
new design.


- Jon.

On Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 1:13 PM, Ayotte, Dana <dayotte at> wrote:

>  Hi Jon,
> I think this looks great, and I like the consistency with Infusion Docs a
> lot. I’m curious to know what some of the accessibility issues were that
> you mentioned you had discussed with Heidi.
> Thanks,
> Dana
>  On Jun 12, 2015, at 1:34 PM, Jonathan Hung <jhung at> wrote:
>  Hi everyone,
>  For a while now there's been a desire to move the Inclusive Learning
> Design Handbook <>
> (or ILDH) from MediaWiki to a static site. Security, administration, ease
> of customization, and simplifying content creation are the major reasons
> for doing this.
>  I am proposing that the new static site for the ILDH be a reskin of the
> current Infusion Docs site <> which is done
> using Docpad and hosted on Github pages. Attached to this email is a PDF
> mockup of the new ILDH site as a re-skinned Infusion Docs site.
>  Since the Infusion docs and ILDH will use a common code base, we should
> probably refactor the common parts to make it easier to maintain and easier
> to make derivative docpad sites.
>  The shared components are:
>    - build scripts for Docpad (docpad.js file)
>    - content templates and fonts
>    - structure for content and site navigation
>    - UI Options
>  Each doc site will have the following customizations:
>    - site specific markdown files and images
>    - CSS files
>    - modified docpad.js file specific for the site
>  To summarize the proposals:
>    1. move the ILDH to docpad with a new design (see attached PDF).
>    2. refactor the existing Infusion Docs docpad project to make it
>    easier to make derivative sites.
>  I'd like people's input on these two proposals. We would like to begin
> work on this next week (week of June 15) with completion in early July.
>  Thanks!
>  - Jon.
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