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Fri Jun 12 20:43:09 UTC 2015

I love this idea, Jon. It will be great to have the handbook updated, especially if it includes a mobile friendly theme and becomes easier to maintain at the same time.


On 2015-06-12, at 4:34 PM, Jonathan Hung <jhung at> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> For a while now there's been a desire to move the Inclusive Learning Design Handbook
> (or ILDH) from MediaWiki to a static site. Security, administration, ease of customization, and simplifying content creation are the major reasons for doing this.
> I am proposing that the new static site for the ILDH be a reskin of the current Infusion Docs site which is done using Docpad and hosted on Github pages. Attached to this email is a PDF mockup of the new ILDH site as a re-skinned Infusion Docs site.
> Since the Infusion docs and ILDH will use a common code base, we should probably refactor the common parts to make it easier to maintain and easier to make derivative docpad sites.
> The shared components are:
> build scripts for Docpad (docpad.js file)
> content templates and fonts
> structure for content and site navigation 
> UI Options
> Each doc site will have the following customizations:
> site specific markdown files and images
> CSS files
> modified docpad.js file specific for the site
> To summarize the proposals:
> move the ILDH to docpad with a new design (see attached PDF).
> refactor the existing Infusion Docs docpad project to make it easier to make derivative sites.
> I'd like people's input on these two proposals. We would like to begin work on this next week (week of June 15) with completion in early July.
> Thanks!
> - Jon.
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