Proposal: Move Inclusive Learning Design Handbook to docpad

Jonathan Hung jhung at
Fri Jun 12 20:34:59 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

For a while now there's been a desire to move the Inclusive Learning Design
Handbook <>
(or ILDH) from MediaWiki to a static site. Security, administration, ease
of customization, and simplifying content creation are the major reasons
for doing this.

I am proposing that the new static site for the ILDH be a reskin of the
current Infusion Docs site <> which is done
using Docpad and hosted on Github pages. Attached to this email is a PDF
mockup of the new ILDH site as a re-skinned Infusion Docs site.

Since the Infusion docs and ILDH will use a common code base, we should
probably refactor the common parts to make it easier to maintain and easier
to make derivative docpad sites.

The shared components are:

   - build scripts for Docpad (docpad.js file)
   - content templates and fonts
   - structure for content and site navigation
   - UI Options

Each doc site will have the following customizations:

   - site specific markdown files and images
   - CSS files
   - modified docpad.js file specific for the site

To summarize the proposals:

   1. move the ILDH to docpad with a new design (see attached PDF).
   2. refactor the existing Infusion Docs docpad project to make it easier
   to make derivative sites.

I'd like people's input on these two proposals. We would like to begin work
on this next week (week of June 15) with completion in early July.


- Jon.




*T:* 416 977 6000 x3951

*F:* 416 977 9844

*E:* jhung at


Inclusive Design Research Centre

205 Richmond Street W, Toronto, ON, M5V 1V3
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