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Hi Aaron,

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> On Feb 9, 2015, at 11:33 AM, Aaron S Davis <Aaron.S.Davis at Colorado.EDU> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am attempting to add a preferences editor to a site I am working on. My intention is to add an editor like the one on <>. I've followed the instructions here: <> because this is still a TODO in the github documentation.

Sorry about the confusion, we are in the process of moving our documentation over to a new site. There is some additional documentation in github, ; however this has also not yet been updated for the changes made in master. 

But judging by a quick look at the site you linked to, it seems you are on the right track.

> However, it seems like this documentation is out of sync with the current master. Notably, the fss package seems to have been deprecated.

Yes, FSS was removed after the 1.5 release and will not be included in the 2.0 release. As mentioned, the docs have not yet been updated for the current work in master.

> I've got the editor to show up by changing some paths and adding some other css files, but most of the functions don't appear to do anything, or do the wrong thing. For instance, right now, changing the text size or text style changes things in preferences editor, but not on the page itself (though you need to hide and show the editor for these changes to take effect). You can see what I've attempted on our dev server here: <>
Part of the trick may be in understanding how the changes are made. For text-size we change the font-size set on the HTML element. For this to change your page, you'll need to have sizes set in units bound to the font-size such as "em" or "rem". You could also create your own enactor if you'd prefer a different way for modifying the text-size on your page. I did a quick look, and it seems the text-size you have specified is in "px", which won't change. Here's a simple tool that would help you convert those to em values if you'd like,

The editor itself will not show any changes until it is re-opened. This is to prevent the interface from changing on a users as they are interacting with it. This prevents issues where a user puts it into a state where they can no longer interact with it (e.g. making the font too large, setting a contrast that they can no longer distinguish the items on the screen, or just having items move under their mouse). 

> I haven't spent too much time debugging this, but I wanted to see if there is an easy answer first before spending a lot of time on it. Thanks! Also, if this is the wrong place to send questions like this, please let me know. I couldn't seem to find a help email address to send this to.

Hope that helps. You can also send questions to the infusion-users list <>.

> Warmly,
> Aaron
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