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Aaron S Davis Aaron.S.Davis at Colorado.EDU
Mon Feb 9 11:33:46 EST 2015


I am attempting to add a preferences editor to a site I am working on. My
intention is to add an editor like the one on
I've followed the instructions here:
because this is still a TODO in the github documentation.

However, it seems like this documentation is out of sync with the current
master. Notably, the fss package seems to have been deprecated.

I've got the editor to show up by changing some paths and adding some other
css files, but most of the functions don't appear to do anything, or do the
wrong thing. For instance, right now, changing the text size or text style
changes things in preferences editor, but not on the page itself (though
you need to hide and show the editor for these changes to take effect). You
can see what I've attempted on our dev server here:

I haven't spent too much time debugging this, but I wanted to see if there
is an easy answer first before spending a lot of time on it. Thanks! Also,
if this is the wrong place to send questions like this, please let me know.
I couldn't seem to find a help email address to send this to.

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