PhET John Travoltage physics simulation progress update

Hung, Jonathan jhung at
Thu Dec 17 21:41:56 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

As part of our on-going collaboration with PhET, we have been working on the John Travoltage simulation to make it more inclusive and accessible. You can find the evolving design document at this wiki page:

The interesting feature of the design is the simultaneous HTML representation of the visual simulation. By using a parallel HTML document,  we can use the goodness of HTML and web standards (like WAI-ARIA) to provide much needed structural landmarks and semantics, dynamic text descriptions, and relevant keyboard accessibility.

The first iteration of implementation will focus on building a basic, usable HTML equivalent of the John Travoltage simulation which bring to users for testing. We will then revise the design as necessary before adding sonification features (which we will subsequently test as well).

Our first iteration has been tasked out and can be seen on this wiki page:

We intend to mature the HTML equivalent first to ensure we have the right approach before embarking on integration with the existing PhET code infrastructure.

Please visit the wiki links if you want additional details.

Feel free to share your thoughts.


- Jon.

Jonathan Hung
Inclusive Designer
Inclusive Design Research Centre
OCAD University<><>

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