Developer Space Quality Infrastructure Wireframes-First Draft

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Mon Aug 24 20:32:07 UTC 2015

Hi All,
On the following GPII wiki page you will find the wireframes for the Developer Space Quality Infrastructure Dashboard.

Here is a short description of each screen:

  1.  The first screen represents an overview of the project. On this view, user has the option to select the project’s graphs, builds, links, or keywords.
  2.  Selecting the ‘Builds' option from the first screen will open up the ‘Build History’, which includes a detailed list of the project's builds.
  3.  Selecting the ‘Graphs' option from the first screen will open up the ‘Graphs’. User is able to adjust the time scale to view the project in different time periods.
  4.  Selecting a keyword on the first screen or searching for a specific term in the search field will lead to the fourth screen, which lists the matching results. On this screen, user can either select one project for further info or select multiple projects for a high level comparison.
  5.  The last screen is shown when user selects multiple projects for comparison. Here, user has the ability to compare different projects' builds/tests/contributors and commits.

These wireframes are in their early stages of design. Thus, any feedback would be very helpful and much appreciated.



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