Latest sonification designs/sketches

Murilo Crivellari murilocrivellaric at
Wed Aug 12 16:32:41 EDT 2015

Hi All,

Here's a summary of what's been done regarding sonification:

The latest chart authoring tool designs can be accessed by following the
link below, as well as the rough mobile version sketch. Note that the
designs for the web-based version include the presumable tab order for
keyboard control. The mobile version is still in-progress and will probably

Latest designs link
Mobile version sketch link

There is also a new round of audio sketches in-progress now, derived from
the previous round (#3) and based on the feedback we received. You can
listen to them by following the links.
Sketch 3.2:
Sketch 4.1:
Sketch 4.2:
Sketch 4.3:

Plus, we are currently working on mocking up a test creation with the
authoring tool. The online platforms we intend to mock up on are: - a web-based test maker for teachers and - a mobile-based platform for teachers and students

Feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Best regards,

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