Infusion documentation plan

Antranig Basman antranig.basman at
Fri Apr 17 15:53:08 EDT 2015

Thanks to all for the great work on the Infusion docs. It's great to finally have a proper docs site after 
all these years. Thanks to Simon, Anastasia, Jonathan and everyone else who worked on them.

Here are some suggestions for reforming the top-level grouping -

The current split of some material into "Infusion" and others into "API" doesn't make too much sense. 
Certainly whatever top-level grouping we have, material such as "ChangeApplier API" should go together with 
"Events", "IoC", "Framework API", etc.

I suggest that we have one area called "Infusion" or "Framework" which includes

  - everything currently in "Infusion", plus ChangeApplier API, Framework API, DOM Binder API

Another area called "Components" which includes
  - everything else currently in API - that is, everything from "Inline Edit" down to "Table of Contents".

I suggest we do away with the top-level name "API" since we don't really believe in having APIs anyway.

We should either put "Preferences Framework" in a top-level grouping of its own, or else at the bottom of 
the "Framework" area or the top of the "Components" area to emphasise that it lives at a special level of 
abstraction - it is less abstract than all the rest of the "framework", but more abstract than any component.

Styling suggestions - the current top-level categorisation doesn't have a very evident styling. I suggest that

i) The top-level items be moved from the right to the left of the top level pane - especially since we now 
have UIO there which clutters that area more.
ii) The active item be given a "tabbed" styling (that is, a background which agrees with the main page 
background, and a continuous layout) to emphasise that it is the section that the user is currently in.

The other major styling issues I notice are:

a) The "inline code style" with the rounded rectangle is obtrusive and sometimes overlaps items on the next 
line and/or gets line-wrapped. I think we should do away with that and just have a styling based on font/colour
b) The navigation for the left pane should have a "scroll-to" so that the currently selected item is always 
visible. For example, currently navigating to has the active item scrolled off 
the bottom of the left pane and so the user will become confused about their location.

The styling in general has a nice and clean look and is a vast improvement on anything we have had before :)


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