The use of the pouch DB in the metadata authoring tool demo

Li, Cindy cli at
Mon Sep 29 20:06:44 UTC 2014

Hi Jon,

Justin and I were looking into a pouchDB issue ( with the metadata authoring tool - 

In the authoring tool demo, after users pick one of the two options, create or edit, they are redirected the edit resource page. On this page, any changes on the content or metadata are reflected right away on "preview content" and "view output html” tabs without going thru any database operation.

To determine how we fix FLOE-211 issue and another issue with the save functionality, our question is, when users refresh the editing page, is it ok for the demo to be re-started all over without saving changes that have been made previously? If the previous changes were not re-presented, would the demo still be clear enough to demonstrate its goals?

If the demo works without saving the old changes, the pouchDB can be completely removed from the authoring tool demo.



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