Formal proposal for Infusion Modularization with Bower

Justin Obara obara.justin at
Mon Sep 29 14:37:16 UTC 2014

It's been a few months since Antranig sent out our notes on modularization, and I think now might be a good time to put forward a formal proposal. Your thoughts and feedback are appreciated.

See proposal below.


A couple notes before the proposal:

the current outstanding pull requests should be merged before enacting this proposal
this proposal only covers the initial modularization step that will help us better manage dependencies and allow integrators to use Infusion via bower.


*Based on Proposal 2a from Noes on Modularization of Infusion

Create a companion repo, "infusion-bower"
will allow users to fetch infusion via bower
will only contain a set of common builds
Use bower to pull in dependencies into Infusion
may require a change to our build scripts
Establish a workflow for generating the bower builds and pushing to the bower repo
should happen on push ( automatically through Jenkins or manually )
Update our build scripts to handle 
should update our build scripts to generate all these builds with a single command

Common builds should include the following:
Framework only (no components)
jQunit (for testing infrastructure)
UI Options (integrators, websites)
preferences framework + overviewPanel (used by: GPII prefsEditors)
tooltip, uiOptions, tabs, overviewPanel (used by: Metadata)
enhancement, uiOptions, progress, tooltip, jQueryScrollToPlugin (used by: videoPlayer)


Should the builds include 3rd party dependencies or should the infusion-bower repo have these as dependencies that a user will need to link in as well?
Should pushing to the infusion-bower repo be handled in an automated or manual process?

On Jul 31, 2014, at 6:11 PM, Antranig Basman <Antranig.Basman at> wrote:

> Colin, Justin and I had a meeting this afternoon about prospective strategies for modularising Infusion, especially, with respect to the currently popular "bower" package manager. I've written up our piratePad with an addition of a few traditionally inflammatory personal reflections at
> Cheers,
> Antranig
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