Unit test issues with the feedback tool

Justin Obara obara.justin at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 16:02:09 UTC 2014

Hi Antranig,

I wonder if you would be able to provide some assistance on some issues that I'm having with the unit tests for the feedback tool? In trying to write the integration tests for the requestSummary dialog with the rest of the feedback tool I have encountered two issues. The work is currently in my FLOE-196 branch

1) When I try to verify the requests property of the requestSummary component's model, the modelListener doesn't seem to fire. The requests property is actually hooked up via the modelRelay to a dataSourceValue property which takes in the raw data from a pouchDB instance. The dataSourceValue is being properly updated, but the relay doesn't seem to be triggering. Note that this is only an issue in the tests. The demo appears to be working correctly. 

This is a link to the commented out test https://github.com/jobara/metadata/blob/FLOE-196/tests/components/feedback/js/feedbackTests.js#L455-L463

The test configuration for the feedback tool can be seen here https://github.com/jobara/metadata/blob/FLOE-196/tests/components/feedback/js/feedbackTests.js#L36-L77

2) The other issue is one we talked about in the channel at the end of last week. Basically if both tests trees are run, they seem to be conflicting with each other and causing tests to fail. If the tests are run separately they will pass.


You had recommended that I try your FLUID-5506 branch to see if that would solve the problem. I did try it in my branch, but without noticing any changes to the failing tests.

Thanks for your help.

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