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Hello, all,

Jon has been working on updating our build site to look like the new designs (page 6 of this PDF):

We’ve found that adding links to all of our demos and examples – as well as all of our unit tests and manual tests – results in a very, very long and unwieldy page. This morning, Justin and I brainstormed ways to improve the page and came up with the following ideas:

1) Remove links to “examples” and keep only “demos”
The “examples” are more instructional in purpose, and will hopefully eventually be moved into the documentation itself. Also, we’re not entirely sure if they’re currently using all of our recommended best practices, so we’re not sure if we want to point people to them. Our thoughts are
   a) Review the examples to decide if we’re proud of them (if not, update them).
   b) Decide whether or not to
       i) move the examples to the documentation, or
       ii) create a second page on the build site for the examples.

2a) Limit automated test links to “all-tests” files.
2b) Add to the Infusion repository “all-tests” files for
    i) Renderer tests
    ii) Framework tests (all of them)
    iii) Component tests (all of them)
and add these links to the build site.

3) Restructure the layout of the build site as follows: Left column for demos, right column for tests (automated at top, manual at bottom).

Please let us know if you have any thoughts about these suggestions. If no one has any objections, we’ll create some JIRAs and get started.

Anastasia Cheetham – acheetham at<mailto:acheetham at>
Inclusive Design Research Centre
Inclusive Design Institute
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