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pull requests to ... removes FSS from infusion, and use Stylus to generate css for preferences framework, have been merged into the project repo.
Have fun

I’ve used the FSS-free Infusion to add UIO to the new<> website we’re working on, and I have to say: This is just lovely to work with. Nice work, Justin and Cindy!

I chatted a bit with Cindy about the need for new/updated documentation around working with the Stylus files. I see a need for two types of documentation:

  1) Infusion developer docs (i.e. how to work with the Stylus files that are in the Infusion repo), and
  2) Integrator docs (i.e. how to create stylesheets specific to your own site, to supplement the UIO styles for contrast, etc).

I believe the first docs – the Infusion developer docs – belong in the Infusion repository with the Stylus files. There is already a Readme file in that folder:
I suggest we spend a bit of time expanding this Readme with a bit more information useful for anyone who may want or need to work with the Stylus files.

I believe the second docs – the Integrator docs – belong in the Infusion Documentation. We have a page for this in the old wiki space:
I suggest that this page be added to the new docs repo (in Markdown) and updated to reflect the new way that UIO uses stylesheets.

I’m not sure if we should also include a 1.5-specific version of this page in the 1.5-tagged docs. This would require a straight port to Markdown, with out any upgrading. It’s not that much work, but it would add yet another task to the “things we have to do before we can tag the 1.5 docs” list.

What do you all think of these suggestions?

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