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Thu May 29 13:32:00 UTC 2014

On 2014-05-29, at 8:49 AM, Justin Obara wrote:

> Anastasia, could you describe a bit the differences and the purposes of each type of demo (showcase, instructional, standalone).

If I recall correctly:

"showcase" referred to the "glossy brochure" type demo, a single page that advertised what the component was, in a simulation of a real-world scenario. This would likely cover what we've got in our current demos folder.

"instructional" referred to a set of multiple small, simple demos for each component, illustrating a working example of how to configure a single, reasonably self-contained aspect of the component; something useful to answer a question like "How do I change the Inline Edit tooltip text?" or "How do I set the Pager column data?" or "How do I render a set of radio buttons?"

"standalone" is there, I think, for historical reason, to house demos that didn't seem to fit into any other category. I'm not sure what we should do with it. We should probably consider each demo and recall why it's there, and possibly update it and move it to a proper home?

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