Infusion 1.5 release work update

Justin Obara obara.justin at
Thu May 22 14:17:26 UTC 2014

We've been slowly proceeding to a 1.5 release of Infusion, which is expected to be the last point release before 2.0. We're getting very close to releasing with the final remaining work to be done.

Pull Requests: 
FLUID-5371, FLUID-5361, FLUID-5368: Listener sorting and relay constraints for model relay
FLUID-5354: Removed flash support

Remaining Issues/Tasks:

The vast majority of these are Documentation related tasks which can also be followed on Infusion Documentation Plan page.

The current plan is to get all of the code changes completed and merged into the repository (hopefully by end of week). Once this is finished we will perform a round of release testing and tag the Infusion 1.5 release. Concurrently we'll continue working on the Infusion 1.5 docs, although work on this will likely continue after the code has been tagged. Once the documentation changes are sufficient we will announce the Infusion 1.5 release.


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